How to do a watercolour

Watercolour mistakes


3 thoughts on “How to do a watercolour

  1. What are your criteria for judging whether your water colour paintings of the still life are mistakes or not? Each of your versions has its own merits and could be considered successful. Should a painting necessarily be a facsimile or totally accurate representation of the original? I don’t think so. One of the joys of watercolour if that it can be an interpretation, a new perspective on the objects, and that this can vary with every attempt to capture the essence of the still life subjects.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jessica. You are absolutely right of course, that an artistic representation of something is not to reproduce what the camera sees. My problem is knowing when to stop, and leave the image alone. So the three watercolours above were stages in not knowing when to stop. But I have now stopped!

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