I survived an earthquake!

Well, just to put this earthquake in context, it measured (they say that, don’t they) 2.7 on the Richter scale. This is misleading because a really serious one is only 6 on the same scale, but it is logarithmic, and so much bigger when 6, and much less when 2.7. Size is material, especially when scales are being used.

Just to prove it really happened, take a look.

Now, the interesting bit. What did it feel like?

I was watching Wimbledon on the TV. Then there was a trembling, lasting about 2 seconds. This was followed by a large bump, like someone falling out of bed and dying from their injuries. The house vibrated, like a tree falling over and crashing into the garage, destroying it and turning metal into scrap. Then more trembling, some vibrations and a pause while bodies were swept away by water.

I thought, ‘God, what was that?’ and looked out of several windows to check that trees, garages and cars were still in their allotted places. Then people in the house started to move, indicating that it wasn’t just me hearing and feeling things.

Later it was on the TV news, and some people had been disturbed, while others had been driving. So, I am now on the alert for after shocks.

Now things have come to a pretty pass.


4 thoughts on “I survived an earthquake!

  1. Sounds like quite a scary experience. I’ll refrain from making any comments about the earth moving for you. I am puzzled by the two iillustrations of the Scots pipe band that you include in the post – are they before and after shots for the earthquake? Are we supposed to spot the difference? Is there a prize?

  2. There is no prize for spotting the difference! It is two copies of the same photo. WordPress is very slow sometimes and I uploaded the photo twice. Pipers create minor earthquakes, in my opinion.

  3. Yes, let’s blame it all on the Scots!
    By the way, I am amazed that your cat picture was done digitally. I had been about to ask you whether you soaked the paper before applying the paint……

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