A Devon Rookery Destroyed

Lonely Trees

I have lived in Devon since December 1995. My neighbours moved in a week or so before me. Their garden has some very large trees, huge old trees, that supported a rookery. Every year the rooks raised their chicks and created a racket, shat on my car and created merry hell when a buzzard came within a mile. What noisy buggers they were, but priceless. Old maps showed ‘Rookery’ where my neighbour’s trees are. Now they are gone! The rooks, not the trees. The neighbours smoked them out, probably, lighting huge fires under the trees. How sad! People are very poor at living and let live.


4 thoughts on “A Devon Rookery Destroyed

  1. My neighbour has many trees and burns dead wood, religiously, despite my complaints, because of the smoke and toxins. I think the rooks decided to go somewhere else. I hope they did, and the wanker has regrets.

  2. What a pity! Maybe they will come back.
    Next to my old school there is a huge tree that attracts lots of birds and there was an idea that it should be cut down because of danger to neighbours and students. Fortunately municipal services never took the complaint seriously and the tree is still there!AriadnefromGreece!

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