April storms

England is in drought. We have had no rain for a couple of weeks, the ground water levels have migrated to Australia, and the government has declared we are in a drought. Then suddenly April comes along and 250 mm of ground soaking water has arrived. Unfortunately it came too quickly (it all fell over a weekend when no one expected it). The hard, parched ground, couldn’t cope and the water sluiced off into streams, rivers and oceans. There was a lot of wind as well. So the drought continued unabated.

The wind was also a problem. It blew and blew and blew. So much so that a tree on the A382 fell across the road. Back in January, the wind had blown down one of my own trees which narrowly missed destroying the garage.

I sent an email to the council warning them that a tree on the A382 was in danger of being blown down because it leaned at an angle of 45 degrees and it should be examined by an expert. Yesterday, some 3 months after that warning, it too was destroyed by the wind and fell across the A382. The Devon council had done nothing, apart from log the warning. Someone could have been killed.


1 thought on “April storms

  1. Ian, where have you gone. I no longer have your email address – please get in touch or re-activate your Facebook account. Your friend, as ever J x

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