Mermaid hunter.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Ian, I came to turn my computer off at about half past ten and with Firefox being the last application to close – I found myself wondering aimlessly and randomly around different sites, one being a history of TMC – by a gentleman called Ian Cox! This took me to different pages and photographs. You were in our village last September, you would have been welcome to call in for a coffee and a chat….
    I deduce we are neighbours, or at least I gather you are not living too far from us, we moved into Lustleigh some five years ago and have been refurbishing a house – not finished yet but by taking my time its more a pleasure than a task!

    It would be great to hear from you, the last news I had was that you were working in Paignton, back when we still had a telephone industry….



    • Hello Rod, great to hear from you! Lustleigh is the closest village to us, and The Cleave is my ‘local’, but I only visit when it’s warm and sunny and my daughter is buying. We should catch up on the past 20 years or so during the cricket season…

      Paignton was a brief interlude when reality stopped for a while. Couldn’t believe the way that company was being run, and now it’s in administration. I retired a couple of years ago, after a spell being self employed and working from home. Now I spend my days doing as little as possible, punctuated by a bit of photography etc.

      I will look out for you clambering up a thatched roof…



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